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2014 Volunteer Hours

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In 2014 we had over 300 volunteers donate over 2,000 hours of their time. Volunteers helped with face painting and story time, as exhibit guides and in the art room, in exhibit design and installation, and with a tremendous amount of  behind-the-scenes work. Quite simply, without our volunteers, we couldn’t do what we do best: providing educational, interactive exhibits, programs, and activities for all children. We want to say “Thank you!” to all of our volunteers for their effort, ideas, time and enthusiasm. We appreciate each and every one of you, and feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people help us achieve our goals!

Wanted! Public Relations Volunteer

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WOW! Children’s Museum is looking for an experienced public relations professional to consult with the Marketing Director on a volunteer basis and to help build strong messaging and branding for our nonprofit organization.  The role will involve making recommendations and reviewing messaging and marketing plans to ensure that we are equipped to meet our communication goals.

The PR volunteer will:

  • Help create and make recommendations for an organization wide messaging plan
  • Advise on messaging strategies for fundraising
  • Advise on ways to strengthen the Museum’s branding
  • Review marketing/communication plans

Skills and Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of public relations experience
  • Nonprofit familiarity preferred

Desired Qualities:

  • Consultative approach
  • Strong inter-personal and communication skills
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and make the best possible decisions with the information available

Time Commitment:

We are looking for someone to make a minimum 3-month volunteer commitment of approximately 5 hours per month.  Longer-term volunteer service is welcome and a position on our board of directors could be a possibility for someone interested in a leadership position.

To get involved, please contact Katie MacDonald, Marketing Director.

Wanted! Volunteers for WOW!’s Board of Directors

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WOW!’s Board has been hard at work planning for our future. Now it’s time to make things happen! We are looking for 2-3 new board members to serve a two year term. This is an opportunity to develop your leadership skills, serve our mission and make great things happen for WOW!

For more information:


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Micro-volunteering is a relatively new idea in the world of volunteer management. Micro-volunteering is performing small, quick actions that make a big difference when many people combine their efforts.  It has arisen in response to changes in the ways people prefer to volunteer their time, new ways we are connected and able to communicate in our modern era, and the attraction of volunteering with little time commitment.

A great example of micro-volunteering is Freerice.com.  Users play a vocabulary game and each question answered correctly results in rice donated to hungry people throughout the world.  The game is something that can be played at any time, for any length of time, anywhere.  Because of sponsors and the revenue from ads, the program is able to raise money and provide its hunger efforts, relying upon volunteers large numbers of people making the small contribution of time to play the game.

Other examples of micro-volunteering involve simple actions through social media such as following a nonprofit organization on Facebook or writing a positive review on a review website.  These actions can be performed with barely any burden upon the volunteer; they don’t require filling out an application, attending an orientation, performing a background check, or receiving any training.  They can, however, have impressive results when coupled with the efforts of other people doing the same thing.  One person sharing an invitation to a fundraiser may have little effect on its own, but a thousand people sharing an invitation to a fundraiser may result in many people attending or learning more about the organization.

A great thing about volunteering for WOW! Children’s Museum is that we offer a wide variety of roles with different requirements of time or skills.  You can volunteer working with children or without.  You can do unskilled tasks like cleaning or restocking supplies or help us with our database and marketing efforts.  You can volunteer every week to host an art activity, or you can micro-volunteer just once and help us that little bit.  All volunteer service is welcome and appreciated.

Learn more about micro-volunteering opportunities at WOW! here.

Learn more about our other volunteer opportunities here.

WOW! Awarded $1,000 VIP Grant from Covidien

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covidien caresLafayette, Colorado – WOW! Children’s Museum (World of Wonder) is pleased to announce that the Museum has received a $1,000 grant award from Covidien’s Volunteer Incentive Program.  The Museum has received this award thanks to the volunteer service of Rich Wetz who is a member of WOW!s Board of Directors and who is also an employee of Covidien.

Covidien’s VIP grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations to assist in covering costs that are associated with ongoing or future projects in which the Covidien employee volunteer is personally involved and to support the employee’s involvement as a volunteer.

“When volunteering, it is always enjoyable to get to see the fruits of your efforts.  Serving on WOW!s Board is a very rewarding experience because you get to see the effects of the close collaboration of a small group of people.  It is really fun to watch the Museum evolve and improve over time and to be able to see the direct influence your efforts are having on the Museum, its visitors and the community,” said Rich Wetz, WOW! Board of Directors.

About Covidien’s Volunteer Incentive Program:

The Covidien VIP supports employees worldwide in their volunteer work.  This Corporate program provides financial support to organizations in which the employee is directly involved as well as recognizing and rewarding employee commitment through ongoing volunteer hours.  For more information visit: www.covidien.com

Thank You Bill!

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Bill Cameron - VolunteerAll of us at WOW! would like to recognize and thank Bill Cameron, a Volunteer who has been with us since fall 2008, and who will be retiring from volunteering in the new year.  We first met Bill when he stopped by the Museum as a visitor, and asked our staff if there was any “little” volunteer projects he could get involved with.  Five years and over 1500 hours of service later, Bill has helped behind the scenes with most exhibits you see in the Museum today –  from the Pirate Ship, to Sunsational Energy & Science, to the new Toddler Beach.  He has also helped with various maintenance projects around WOW!, and very importantly has helped us with strategic planning as the Museum grows and evolves.  He has become a Master fixer, problem-solver, and friend.  All of those make him an extremely difficult Volunteer to replace, but it’s his friendship we will miss the most.  Thank you, Bill, for being such a integral part of WOW! for so many years.  Good luck, and don’t be a stranger!

Marketing Adviser Wanted!

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WOW! Children’s Museum is seeking a marketing professional to volunteer and advise the Marketing Director on the following:

  1. Strengthening branding and messaging
  2. Review the annual marketing plan and advise on tactics and strategies
  3. Assist with developing evaluation tools for the marketing plan
  4. Advise on basic market analysis and industry trends

Time Commitment:  Flexible.  Approximately 5 hours per month including a monthly meeting with the Marketing Director.

For more information please contact, Katie MacDonald, WOW! Marketing Director

Volunteer at WOW!’s Comic Con

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Come join the fun as WOW! Children’s Museum and Comic Book Classroom (the people who bring you the Denver Comic Con) on August 24th (10am to 4pm) for a day of activities, programs and performances, celebrating pop culture and comics at the WOW! Comic Con!

We are looking for volunteers to help welcome visitors, face paint, assist illustrators and with animation art stations, and create superhero costumes.  Several local artists will be on hand, and we’ll be needing a crowd of volunteers to support them and Museum staff for the big event.

If you are interested in volunteering for the  WOW! Comic Con, please contact our Volunteer Services Director, Heather Roberts as soon as possible so that we can get you signed up for this exciting opportunity!

For more information about volunteering at the Museum, please visit our Volunteer page.


Gala Committee Volunteers Wanted!

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room overview 1  silent auction 2  roulette

Do you have an interest in fundraising or event planning?  WOW! Children’s Museum is seeking motivated volunteers to join our 2013 Gala Committee.  WOW!’s annual gala is a formal fundraising event which includes live and silent auction, entertainment, dinner, helicopter rides (that’s right!) and casino games.   The gala is scheduled for September 27th 2013 at A Spice of Life Event Center in Boulder.

Gala Committee Volunteer Duties:

  • Attend monthly meetings to discuss procurement of auction items and event sponsors
  • Assist with auction item requests and donation pick up
  • Choose theme and decor
  • Help with day of gala preparations and clean up

Interesting in joining the Gala Committee?  Contact Gemma Webster, Development Director, gemma@wowchildrensmuseum.org

10 Benefits of Corporate Volunteer Programs

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Reading through the Volunteer Screening Blog recently, I came across this entry.  We have hosted some wonderful corporate volunteers in 2012 (Qualcomm, AMGEN, Kohl’s, RES Americas, and the Marquis at Town Center – I’m talking about you!), and are looking forward to working with more in the future.  These are some great reasons for businesses to encourage volunteering from their employees!


“According to recent studies, customers really respond when companies are involved in helping their communities, with a direct result to revenues. In this economy, with social funding being cut out of state and federal budgets, volunteers are more vital than ever to thousands of non-profit organizations nationwide.

Here are 10 benefits of implementing a corporate volunteer program:

  1. Employee volunteer programs allow corporations to develop more personal relationships in their communities, by sharing their human resources with non-profit organizations in need.
  2. According to a 2003 study called Good Companies, Better Employees, employees that participate in company-sponsored volunteer programs think more highly of their employers, with 63% calling it a great place to work compared to other companies.
  3. The same study reveals that 67% of employees who participate in volunteer programs are fairly or very satisfied with their jobs.
  4. These employee/volunteers also speak more highly of their employers to others, with 54% saying nice things vs. 49% of non-volunteers.
  5. Volunteer activities strengthen work teams, build employee skills and contribute to professional development.
  6. Employers see higher retention rates for employees who participate in volunteer activities. In addition, they are more likely to pursue promotion and development opportunities after volunteering.
  7. Employers can enjoy a higher level of workforce skills when employees volunteer. A 1998 study showed competency improved 14 to 17 percent as a direct result of volunteering.
  8. 51% of employees surveyed in 2007 said they believe an employee volunteer program is the greatest contribution a company can make to a non-profit organization. In contrast, only 37% named financial donations and 8% mentioned product donations as the greatest contribution.
  9. Corporate-sponsored volunteer events raise visibility in the community. Businesses benefit from positive perceptions and free publicity. Good-news stories about employee volunteers often generate greater media coverage, too.
  10. Employee volunteer programs help attract new employees. 62% of 18- to 26-year olds said in the 2007 study that they prefer to work for companies that provide opportunities for them to apply their skills to a non-profit organization’s benefit.”

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