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Investigating Dinosaurs – How Do We Know?

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In the new Investigating Dinosaurs exhibit, visitors can become Junior Paleontologists and explore how we know what we know about dinosaurs.  Within five interactive stations, children learn how paleontologists compile evidence that informs the way we view extinct animals.  This new engaging exhibit provides countless opportunities for children to use critical thinking skills such as analyzing evidence and logical reasoning, as well as open-ended imaginative play.

How Do We Know…What Dinosaurs Looked Like?

  • Enter a paleontology dig site and put the puzzle pieces of a dinosaur skeleton together.  The bones only fit together in a certain way, helping us know what the dinosaur looked like.
  • At the fossil station, learn about clues showing what dinosaurs looked like and create and decorate a fossil rubbing to take home with you!

How Do We Know…How Dinosaurs Moved?

  • Walk in the footsteps of a dinosaur.  Put a dinosaur costume together, including the feet and walk like a dinosaur!  Make your own tracks to explore how they moved!

How Do We Know…How Dinosaur Bones Fit Together?

  • Build your very own dinosaur by fitting bones together.  How does your dinosaur compare to a bird or reptile?

How Do We Know…How Dinosaurs Lived?

  • Create a small-scale dinosaur environment which is a perfect activity for our youngest visitors.  What type of home will you create for your dinosaurs?

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